Metal Detector Machine

Metal Detector Machine is mainly used for Detecting all metal (including ferrous metal , non-ferrous metals, sus)  contaminants in packaged and non-packaged food, meat& poultry, seafood, fishery, ice ream, frozen food, sugar, pharmaceutical, health care products, etc.

Product characteristic

1. Phase tracking function, which can maintain the stable high-sensitivity detection ability

2. Product tracking function, which can do adjustment and compensation according to the changes of the product effect automatically

3. Auto-balanced calibration function, which can ensure the service life of the machine

4. Applying high functional FPGA, plan with Single Chip Machine

5. Stainless steel mirror surface, easy design

6. 52 products can be restored in product database

7. IP66 dust and water proof

8. The performance of the conveyor belt is complied with the American food sanitation standard (FDA), it can be used for transporting the unpacked food directly.

9. Can stably work for a long time, with a special design that is suitable for a harsh production environment of strong vibration and high interference, the equipment won’t miss alarm even when you tap the probe.