Mask Special Checkweigher

Mask special checkweigher parameters:

type SG-220
weighing scope 5-1500g
Restrictions of product L:200   W:150   H:3-200(mm)
Sharpness of Separation (±0.2g  Visionproduct)
Seale Mark 0.1g
Belt speed 0-60m/min
Highest speed 100pcs/min
Belt Width 220mm
Deadweight of Machine ≈60Kg+44Kg
Power Supply AC-110/220V±10%   50HZ
Power ≈100w
Main Material (SU304 Stainless steel)

1, touch screen man-machine dialogue

2, Chinese and English operation interface

3, weight compensation function

4. The histogram and graph are used for customer product qualification rate.

5, secondary operation authority management, support for self-set password

6, can be preset for 100 product recipes

7. A variety of reject methods for unqualified products, supporting unqualified shutdown functions.

Mask checkweigher can also be selected:

1, U disk interface

2, RS485 interface / inkjet printer communication interface

3, sound and light warning lights